Why Should You Use WordPress?

WordPress has long been the most established website creation platform of all time. Many tools have come and gone but WordPress has always been the tool of choice for people who want to build a website. If you still cannot decide whether to use WordPress for your site or not, you can take a look at these viable reasons as to why you should choose this platform over others that available on the market today.

It is free

You have got to admit- everyone loves a free tool. And WordPress is one tool that you can use for free. If you want to have a feel of what the Dashboard is or how it is like to design a website using WordPress, you can just create an account on their site, think of a name that you want the website to have, and start designing. You have to go to WordPress.com for the free website. The free sign up and free use of WordPress site is one of its strongest deciding factors to choose it over its substitute. It’s like cheap hotels in Amsterdam near red light district where you can study the platform first before making any payment. And their free features are quite decent even for professional web designers.
But of course, there are some limitations that you have to accept if you are using the platform for free. First, your website will have a wordpress.com in its URL. For some, this is quite critical because the integrity of the company takes a blow. Some website visitors might think that you are not capable of buying a mere domain. So, this decision might scare away some potential buyers.

On the other hand, if you are just a writer who loves creating tech blogs, then you can try the free WordPress site. You can also assess whether you are capable of making blogs on a regular basis.

It is an open source site

What does this mean? It means that anyone who knows how to code and how to program can edit using this platform. Opening the tool to any programmer makes it a very stable unit. Just as the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” Since many programmers try to improve and innovate through the site, you can be sure that the bugs and repairs are done regularly and more quickly than other tools.

It is easy to scale up

You can scale up your website as far as you want it to go through WordPress. This is particularly true for e-commerce sites that want to sell hundreds or even thousands of products. Plugins are available for you to download.Wordpress takes out the hassle to grow traffic to blog by eliminating those extra mandatory steps you need to do when you decided to do everything on your own. It serves as your host, your editor, offers you countless of plug-ins and features. It is a good short cut in establishing a website. Security can be increased and identity can be more protected anytime. Just prepare to spend a little bit of money with every modification that you do.

4 thoughts on “Why Should You Use WordPress?

  1. WordPress is undeniably the best choice that you will ever make for your site. When you dream, you have to dream big, right? It is really easy to scale up the site when you are using WordPress. You can just download plugins and protect your customers’ information through paid tools.

  2. WordPress is still the best. Some newbies might think that WordPress is difficult to handle. And other platforms make it seem that WordPress is scary for non-programmers like me. I recommend that you try it. Read on some tutorials. You will eventually fall in love with this tool.

  3. I have tried Wix and Weebly before. And I believe that WordPress is still the most flexible among them all. With Wix, I found it a lot of glitches. Sometimes, I find myself not doing anything because of the buffering. I tested WordPress once and never looked back ever again.

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