Characteristics of a Front End Editor

WordPress has come a long way since the first years of its establishment. You will find that a lot more companies build a website. You will see that more and more plugins can be downloaded for your convenience. And it becomes easier to create a website in every minute that comes along.

One of the reasons why website creation is easier to do is because of front-end editors. What is a front-end editor? It is a plugin that anyone can use so that you can create a website without any knowledge about programming.

Yes. You heard it right. You can make a beautiful website even without skills in coding. This is because front-end editors allow you to build your site by just putting elements on a page. No need for typing codes because the language is already incorporated in the editor. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements like paragraphs, images, and custom HTML according to your liking.

  • It is easy to use

A front end editor must be easy to use. The programmers who create a front end editor must have novice WordPress users in mind as their target market. You would not attract your website visitors that are also programmers to buy a front end editor. They would rather prefer to use a basic theme and editor so that they can completely control and manipulate the colors and the style of the website. If they want to get cheap website traffic through their code, they can do it.

A front end editor must be attractive to beginners. This means that it should be easy to use. No technical terms and no difficult words to understand. Front end editors may be exciting at first, but as you learn more about web designing, the excitements wear off. You’ll encounter complex layouts with voucher code for lazada philippines that cannot be done with a front end editor. The key is to learn more about web designing, so you won’t be relying heavily on themes. The simpler the front end editor is, the better.

  • It should be drag and drop

Most of the front end editors nowadays are following the drag and drop approach. What does this mean? A drag and drop system has boxes or options on one side of the plugin dashboard. Here, you will find a lot of “elements” that you can put on your page. For ultimate beginners, they may need to familiarize themselves with the functions on discount shopping coupons uk and other features of the front editor. The look and feel could be different depending on the platform, but they do have the same functionality. Some of these elements include text, column, table, chart, custom CSS, custom HTML, counter, social media icons, and others.

4 thoughts on “Characteristics of a Front End Editor

  1. I am a programmer and I still use a front end editor for my sites. Even if I know a lot about coding and programming, it would be a nice help for me to have a front end editor. It is because I don’t have to make an effort that much on something that is already provided by the editor.

  2. I would rather use a front end editor than the usual WordPress editor available. It is easier to use and most of these editors are quite cheap. For a few hundred dollars, you can create a nice website for your tech blogs, your company, or just for your personal consumption.

  3. I use the Lasso plugin for my site. It also uses the drag and drop system. Before I was too scared of handling a WordPress site because I do not know codes. But when a pal told me that there are editors out there that can help me with designing a site without any knowledge whatsoever about coding, I tried it and it was actually fun doing it.

  4. Front end editor is a must if you are not that good with WordPress. They can make your site look good and value more.

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